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Marylyn Molisso

Helen Scott Lidgett Award

Marylyn Molisso creates sculptures and installations that explore notions of anxiety and person hood, influenced by our threatened existence on earth and inspired by organic geometry and the architecture of a post-human wasteland. Through her work, Marylyn imagines the future relics we will leave behind, examining her own role as an artist making and dealing with ‘purposeless objects’.

Marylyn was selected for the 2018/19 Helen Scott Lidgett Award by artist Maeve Brennan, family representative Aaron Scott Lidgett, Lea O’Loughlin (Head of Residencies & Awards, Acme) and Charlie Coffey (Residencies & Awards Manager, Acme) from a shortlist of six MA graduate artists from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London .

Helen Scott Lidgett Award

The Helen Scott Lidgett Award is a partnership between Acme and Central Saint Martins, funded by Acme and the Helen Scott Lidgett Fund. With the goal of providing a bridge between college and professional practice, the award includes a bursary, rent-free studio space and a mentoring programme tailored specifically to the graduate’s practice. Recipients of Acme’s Graduate Award Programme occupy shared and adjacent studio space in order to foster and encourage a greater degree of peer support and an environment of growth, risk-taking and excellence.